My Diary: Dropping Through A Man Shaped Hole In The Floor

June made a tunnel out of newspaper and then read herself to work.‭ ‬I had to wear my time machine hat and go back to the place where tall trees were just young boys.‭ ‬I talked to a thin sapling and then to myself,‭ ‬ate a handful of kaleidoscopic biscuits and came home with the telephone in my back pocket waiting to ring.‭ ‬As the doughnut in the sky began to ooze jam I retired to the sanctity of the cat cave and made poetry from paw prints instead of words‭ (‬although I was stuck when it came to punctuation‭)‬.‭ ‬A bugler sat on the roof holding a harp,‭ ‬I climbed up about midday and replaced it with a frying pan‭; ‬he came down sometime later with fried eggs as eyes‭ ‬-‭ ‬I thought to myself that he would have a strange story to tell‭; ‬but then so has everyone else who cries on our roof.


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