My Diary: I Opened My Shirt And A Diesel Engine Rushed Out

It had rained during the night‭ (‬water tricked down our dinner plate roof‭)‬.‭ ‬I looked at my reflection in a razor blade and then painted on my summertime beard.‭ ‬June went to work,‭ ‬cellophane wrapped like a cheap greetings card.‭ ‬I noticed that my card had been signed by a gap year hippopotamus and then wallowed in its words like mud.‭ ‬In the other room the cat was playing a piano in a syncopated style‭; ‬I used the musical notes as hair and tried to make a pony tail of sound before walking the dog in a sequence of puddles.‭ ‬We came home with a Moog synthesizer over our heads raining sounds,‭ ‬although I went into my studio in sepulchral silence.‭ ‬I worked like a blanket on bare ground until June came in wearing steam powered clothes and we left the railway station house as a two carriage train.


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