My Diary: As Usual I Am Shining With Shadows

June see-sawed to worked while I used a playground slide to get into the cockpit of my biplane studio.‭ ‬Just after take off it got trapped in a cobweb in the corner of the room but I managed to climb down using a false eyelash from a harpy mannequin‭ (‬it was modelling evening dresses made from reconstituted tractor tyres‭)‬.‭ ‬After a morning as a semaphore artist I went out,‭ ‬walking along a path of broken umbrellas,‭ ‬collecting a meal of old dish clothes and coming home with my head inside a bee hive.‭ ‬When I got in I noticed the fat cat was doing press ups on a photograph of the Grand Canyon while the dog was covered in soap bubbles after the completion of her Open University car mechanics course‭ (‬it was an advanced course for mechanics with four hands and an optional prehensile tail‭)‬.


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