My Diary: While Driving An Imaginary Car I Run Over Myself

I had to unfold like an Ordnance Survey Map‭ (‬I couldn’t recognise the county although the roads reminded me of Xenophon,‭ ‬budding like a hydra and abseiling down the chest of a giantess from Persian folklore‭) ‬and then take the Martian disco dancer for his appointment with the Spanish Inquisitor‭ ‬-‭ ‬he had to stay in for several hours but they weren’t burning anyone at the stake as the barbecue was broken.‭ ‬I collected him again some time later when he had developed super powers and was able to weld together the gun mantlet and turret of a Conqueror main battle tank using the power of his mind alone‭ (‬reference note:‭ ‬the Conqueror tank that guarded the gate at the Ludgershall vehicle depot was called William‭ ‬-‭ ‬he is now on holiday in the Isle of Wight‭)‬.


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