My Diary: Words Rattle By Like Railway Carriages

y Like Railway CarriagesJune went to her place of work with the forbearance of a Samuel Pepys quill pen while I wrote myself off the end of the page and into the garden‭ (‬I can’t give any more details as I was written in cipher‭)‬.‭ ‬I lined up next to some small bushes to form a parade ground hedge‭; ‬a young boy with a boomerang smile stood as the gate.‭ ‬After a runaway retinal image of Lucrezia Borgia floated over our heads we were all suddenly reduced in size‭; ‬I found myself in a box of knick-knacks arm in arm with an antique fairy‭ ‬-‭ ‬we talked like rosewood marquetry in a mahogany cabinet.‭ ‬June came home much later to find me up to my navel in words‭; ‬the more I talked the more I was stuck.‭ ‬She finally managed to get me out by rigging up a pulley system of profound silences.


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