My Diary: Fighting A Peace

I still felt ill and watched from behind enemy lines as June unfurled her banner on the top of the old people’s hill.‭ ‬I shuffled about my studio like a toy car in a soft shoe,‭ ‬shaking any hands that were proffered from the real world outside‭ (‬the weather was overcast with the threat of rain‭) ‬and then crumpled myself into an uncomfortable chair.‭ ‬I imagined myself into another place where thoughts are trees and misunderstanding is a ploughed field‭ ‬-‭ ‬I stayed here until it got cold and I started to think,‭ ‬unsurprisingly,‭ ‬that people are just tenant farmers unable to calculate the true worth of their land.‭ ‬Sometime later June rang from the highest perch in the aviary and whistled instead of spoke‭; ‬I had to think hard about my reptile terrarium reply.


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