My Diary: Waking Up To Find Yourself Still Asleep

I woke up feeling very ill and immediately looked at the excavations on my open and closed hands:‭ ‬apparently nothing of interest was found although blackbirds searched for cuneiform invertebrates and small boys sought their hierophantic pottery shards‭ ‬-‭ ‬I used to have a collection which would make mouths below marble eyes.‭ ‬June took the ship in rough seas route to work while I remained clinging to the rocks.‭ ‬I battled lighthouse storms all day,‭ ‬often scraping paint off the canvas rather than adding it on.‭ ‬When June came home I ate newly emerged magma‭ (‬strawberry flavoured‭) ‬and then sat as a photomontage,‭ ‬my multifarious silhouettes skillfully blended with the upholstery.‭ ‬A figure made entirely of sound came in and then went out again leaving behind multiple silences.


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