My Diary: Life Is Like A Laddered Snake

I started the day like a small shadow lost in a shopping mall‭ (‬lots of large shadows gathered round,‭ ‬blocking out the sun‭); ‬as a kind of joke June is correspondingly portrayed as a tall tree that masks the straight lines of the horizon.‭ ‬After a birdsong breakfast we walked like duelists to the opposing ends of the garden,‭ ‬her part well ordered and tidy while mine resembles a pair of tights hurriedly cast off by a fleeing robber.‭ ‬We both looked when our neighbour accidentally sucked in part of his drive,‭ ‬pulling in a bright yellow car and then spitting it out in a dull black shade.‭ ‬He later did likewise to the path which had initially marched beside before meandering off as if following an elusive scent.‭ ‬During the late afternoon both June and I left the out of focus garden for the clarity of the house.


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