My Diary: Sinking With Water Wings

June had to work overtime,‭ ‬pulling the railway bridge over her instead of walking over it herself.‭ ‬I worked in the garden as an ink stain ever expanding as it is soaked up by highly absorbent paper.‭ ‬I watered then weeded in the shade of a friendly harpy’s wings until June came in after dinner with her legs transformed into the front wheel of a tricycle‭; ‬we put items of unwanted clothing into the basket at the back and moved off with all the grace of a blue whale attempting to mate with a sunken aircraft fuselage.‭ ‬I finally came indoors in the late afternoon with sun made paw prints on my shoulders‭ (‬although with no sign of the sun bear‭ ‬-‭ ‬I think I must have frightened it off when I pulled a live crocodile out of the sound hole of my acoustic guitar‭)‬.


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