My Diary: Homage To A Gorilla God

A very early start to the day‭; ‬I even got up before the alarm spoke‭ (‬it speaks every day but I don’t always listen‭) ‬and went to the bathroom with a plaster cast on my head‭ ‬-‭ ‬I would paint it with black and white squares later and then wait for a king or queen.‭ ‬I caught the bus moments before a young girl with a desert landscape on her chest‭; ‬the other passengers sat like cactus waiting for the cool of the night to photosynthesise‭ (‬counterintuitive I know‭)‬.‭ ‬Sometime after this I met the chess master and we talked as we ate,‭ ‬I checked the colour of plants in his garden and then came home before he had called checkmate.‭ ‬I got off in town,‭ ‬which was suspended from a hot air balloon,‭ ‬and walked home under its slowly migrating shadow‭; ‬once there I immediately proclaimed the shadow our house’s own.


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