My Diary: Is Dog An Astronaut?

The last of my long days in the garden:‭ ‬June was back at work and left the house early as a sequence of numbers which she hoped will be repeated in reverse when she returned.‭ ‬I had dreamt that the lady at the bottom of the road had recited a spell and every living thing could now talk‭; ‬unfortunately when I went outside everything was silent‭ ‬-‭ ‬and remained so even when I cut the grass.‭ ‬Maybe there is a world where the grass cuts humans‭; ‬in which case I hope I find myself in a genteel compost heap,‭ ‬away from the bright green rabble.‭ ‬I laughed at my own jokes as a relatively small lump of earth floated overhead,‭ ‬I was pleased it already had a small tree growing in it.‭ ‬June came home in time to watch the christening of a new space crossbow‭; ‬from this I will explore the universe.


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