My Diary: Playing With The Fire And Water Children

June and I waited in the bow of ship partly submerged in sand‭; ‬in the distance a Kraken was regrowing from the tip of its own tentacles.‭ ‬The little Vikings came with their long boats in their hands‭; ‬I asked if they had got their own sand yet and we then walked to town to eat and play:‭ ‬we ate under a banyan tree‭ (‬along with a group of quite plump people‭) ‬and then played on the flat and gasping tongue of a dragon‭ ‬-‭ ‬luckily I had a drink in my bag and church bells rang as I opened the top.‭ ‬We all walked home in the footprints of a herd of small dinosaurs‭; ‬I felt confident I could name my steps after the Kings and Queens of England but only impressed myself and the old man playing a grand piano with his teeth who was ambling along behind with the trailing edge of his coat on fire.


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