My Diary: A God In A Bottle

I had to go to town,‭ ‬after putting it off all week,‭ ‬pulling small red worms out of the burgundy carpet in one shop and bent nails out of strips of clenched wood in another.‭ ‬A classical sculpture gave me the only leaf it had and I unceremoniously gave it to the rabbit when I got back home, along with‭ ‬messages from various museum specimens in their serried rows of glass jars.‭ ‬I was tempted to call the jars a glass orchestra and then compose a piece of music to represent the result of the Permian extinction as written on an old wall in Olympus‭ ‬-‭ ‬this would have been built just before the gods had discovered religion.‭ ‬I then made the silhouette of a crying nun with my hands in front of another wall and subsequently cheered her up again with the fluttering shadow of a peacock butterfly.


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