My Diary: Gardening In A Desert

It rained today and I smeared mud on a glass pane and waited for the inevitable faces to emerge and then busied myself potting plants on an old table.‭ ‬In an unashamedly black mood I imagined the table being used in the past for dissections and midnight autopsies and pretended to map out the lives of unknown organisms with pieces of coloured string.‭ ‬Then as the grey clouds parted I saw the rain forest on a sheet of wood followed by a blinding white light which I suspect was caused by several people simultaneously having the same thought.‭ ‬June came home later than expected after having begged a lift from Gary Cooper who had ridden out of town two minutes before midday.‭ ‬I heard the train arrive and then walked the dog along the railway line before a later than usual dinner.


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