My Diary: A Paean To Multidimensional Existence

I sloughed a skin before rising like a theatre curtain‭; ‬the actors weren’t quite ready but improvised on their makeshift stage,‭ ‬their moustaches hurriedly put on their chests instead of their faces.‭ ‬I then crawled into a prototype telephone for a hypothetical race of people with three ears‭; ‬eerily I could hear myself talk to people on the other end of the reticulated python line.‭ ‬It took me forty five minutes to get any sort of answer‭; ‬I envisaged it would take much longer to actually get the question.‭ ‬While this was happening a flotilla of small yachts moved ghost like down the road,‭ ‬picking up messages on their voluminous sails as they went.‭ ‬I lit my imaginary cigar with the light of a torch and then took the dog for a walk through other peoples houses.


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