My Diary: Taking A Self Portrait With A Fruit Bowl For A Head

I got up very early,‭ ‬represented in virtual reality as half a grapefruit and caught the bus at the top of the road‭ ‬-‭ ‬represented in another virtual reality as a watermelon with little men as hair.‭ ‬I took my Medusa haversack‭ (‬with its telephone cord hair‭) ‬to the three dimensional pharaoh’s bungalow where I talked to voices immediately after they had left the mouths that had created them‭ ‬The Osiris cartoon figure gave me a screwdriver and I screwed an arm into the wall:‭ ‬when it was time to leave I leant over and shook it.‭ ‬I came home in an Eighteenth Century Invisible Man suit‭ (‬this has considerably less frills than the Seventeenth Century version‭) ‬with no one else on the bus except a little lady pretending to be an alpine meadow just after the first flush of flowers had faded.


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