My Diary: A Ship Sinking In A Bottle

I felt a bit down as I got out of the Juno Beach side of our Normandy landings bed.‭ ‬The dog was wearing a suit of armour and we went out for a joust before I walked to town with a shopping arcade on my back.‭ ‬I left it at the bottom of the High Street and came home with my shopping floating in the middle of my Tokamak haversack.‭ ‬I entered my studio with my head feeling like a slice of burnt toast and I had to scrape off several layers of dark thoughts before I could settle down to work.‭ ‬I painted a city of acoustic guitars with doors as the sound holes:‭ ‬it took me some time to tune the roofs‭ ‬-‭ ‬I could then play the music written by birds on the telephone lines‭ (‬it proved to be a lament‭)‬.‭ ‬I would have sung it to June when she came in if she hadn’t been holding a fragment of wing from a Junkers‭ ‬88.


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