My Diary: Trying Out A Four Wheeled Drive All Terrain Imagination

A trumpeter announced the early morning beside our sleeping bed until the mud covered man hiding in the wardrobe of my mind got out and shot him‭; ‬my eyes fluttered and the wardrobe rose like a Galapagos tortoise and ambled off towards the dolls house book shelves‭ ‬-‭ ‬coming to rest by volume one of Steam Engines Of The Northern Part Of The Southern Railway which I had compiled a few weeks earlier while in a traction engine trance.‭ ‬As a symbolic representation of the state of my life I clapped my hands moments before a heavyweight boxer came up the stairs en pointe‭; ‬June was flat on the floor in earnest conversation with a map of the British Isles in the late Nineteenth Century.‭ ‬She got up in the Pennines and got ready to go out with a South Downs smile on her North Downs face.


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