My Diary: Licking Memories Like Stamps

I got up very early,‭ ‬as usual unbuttoned in what was largely a necktie morning.‭ ‬I spoke to the bow tie milkman‭ (‬who moved so fast he was connected to the National Grid‭) ‬and the bus driver had a cravat so he could integrate properly with the rest of my story‭; ‬he dropped me off half way and I was then picked up by another bus driven by a cravat wearing a driver in,‭ ‬I thought,‭ ‬a rather foppish way.‭ ‬The old king was in his shepherd’s hut watching over memories instead of sheep‭; ‬several escaped just after I arrived but we soon caught them again.‭ ‬I stayed a little while watching the eyes in an artillery shell bust communicate with others by flashing in morse code‭ ‬-‭ ‬I could work out the letters but not the punctuation.‭ ‬I came home with a sow’s ear made from a silk purse.


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