My Diary: Time Is A Labyrinth And I just Saw The Minotaur

June had a day off but still got up before me‭; ‬In my defence I was wrestling space commuters in the universe of our bed‭; ‬they purportedly recognise continents in flower petals and I could indeed see multiple reflections of myself in the mirror as I fought‭ ‬-‭ ‬disconcertingly each reflection was a day older,‭ ‬I tried to see how far back they stretched but couldn’t,‭ ‬although I did see a cloud with a face on it.‭ ‬June and I went out for a meal as the smiling morning changed to a scowling midday.‭ ‬The waitress had a clock on her uniform which,‭ ‬for some reason,‭ ‬slowed down,‭ ‬stopped and then went backwards.‭ ‬Even stranger the lady by the door had her feet encased in recyclable supermarket carrier bags‭; ‬I didn’t like to mention that they came from different stores.


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