My Diary: On Finding A Basilisk Inside My Coat

I went to town after sliding the frying pan into the wound of a warrior crucified above the sink.‭ ‬It was reptile day and all shop assistants were either snakes or small lizards that dashed everywhere‭ ‬-‭ ‬if it was me I would bask like an uninhabited island but in life there is always a passing sailor to mess up your plans.‭ ‬I came back with small sections of pasture wrapped in plastic bags‭; ‬some I gave to the rabbit and some I would later plough.‭ ‬June had to find a box with a bird in,‭ ‬I gave her what I thought was the lightest but it was the heaviest that actually flew away.‭ ‬She came back much later with a jungle hair-do I christened Indri although the natives call it Babakoto.‭ ‬We both danced round a plastic plate as the ancestors of all polymerised forests danced round us.


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