My Diary: My Time As A Werewolf At A Vampire Convention

June left the house carrying a box,‭ ‬apparently the small teeth painted on the side actually bite.‭ ‬I walked the dog along a string of words‭ ‬-‭ ‬I made sure I pointed out the punctuation.‭ ‬When I came home I arranged the words into neat rows and then turned numbers into images among the gothic arches of my sacred studio.‭ ‬Outside bats flew with balls and faceless voices spoke before grandiose mirrors.‭ ‬Later I saw the couple next door walk the long road to visit their past‭; ‬it is of course better having a long path to your future and a short path to your past but all in this street appear to have contracted the same disease.‭ ‬I turned my disease into a flag and fly it at half mast while others skip all ceremony and prefer pretence.‭ ‬June came in much later with an empty bag.


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