My Diary: The Explorer That Never Leaves The House

I woke at the bottom of a well,‭ ‬the sun was the bucket and out of reach.‭ ‬The weather was as raw as a‭ ‬planet orbiting a dead sun and I kept the hot water circulating through tortoise shell veins in the house.‭ ‬I should have gone out but didn’t,‭ ‬preferring to paint in my deep ocean cave and pretending that lapping waves were just ancestral myths and that everything worthwhile never changes.‭ ‬A harvest mouse played the piano in the corner of the room that doesn’t exist in a house that has never been built.‭ ‬It was so small it could only depress one key at a time,‭ ‬by the time it had reached the highest C June had returned home wearing blue sky as a dress and having the head of an orange.‭ ‬We both spontaneously looked for objects hidden in the bottom drawers of our superimposed worlds.


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