My Diary: The Ship On My T-Shirt Is Sinking

Back to unnormal normality where after a breakfast of moving pictures I walked the dog along the top of a throat lozenge‭ (‬on the horizon sharks were being menaced by boats‭) ‬and then came home with my hat forming the braking parachute of a Lockheed SR71A.‭ ‬I didn’t want to walk on hot coals in my studio so I sat on cinders in my study.‭ ‬I waved a wand at an open desert eye but it closed in the jungle‭; ‬I expected there to be thousands of creatures unknown to science but all I found was a tea bag with a Union Jack on it‭ ‬-‭ ‬I flew it at half mast and stood motionless as pictures from my childhood marched by‭; ‬I wondered if I held out my hand they would take me with them,‭ ‬instead an express train sped by tugging at my T-Shirt sleeves.‭ ‬I waved to myself.


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