My Diary: Walking The Plank In A Primate Dress

Friday and the crocodiles had the day off.‭ ‬I performed the dance of the seven veils in a pretend underworld and then turned myself into a naked page onto which words could pin themselves.‭ ‬June had already taken her scribbled page to work‭ (‬the big black birds spiralled upwards and the raven on the desk had changed her dress‭)‬.‭ ‬After writing in underwater verse I underwater coloured on the unblinking screen‭; ‬the waterfall in my head kept the small men in barrels in mid air as long as the flying monkeys wanted.‭ ‬Towards the end of the day I asked if the monkeys wanted anything else‭; ‬I was holding the complete works of Shakespeare but they only needed a drink.‭ ‬I had already found a fashion model in a bottle of French wine and now there was a dog on the cat walk.


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