My Diary: Finding An Early Spring Day In A Test Tube

I looked out the cold weather window in the house before looking out the warm weather window in my head‭ ‬-‭ ‬I keep a family of four inside as I am always wary of squatters,‭ ‬June had gone out the cold weather door sometime earlier.‭ ‬I felt a little unwell and surrounded myself with cardboard cutouts of tropical birds taking off which were kindly provided by Toulouse Lautrec after he had slowly melded with the intricate mammal patterning of our iron bedstead.‭ ‬The bed doubled as the bridge of a nuclear powered submarine during the North Pole hours:‭ ‬I am the commanding officer with lighted candles as earrings.‭ ‬June emerged from the relative heat of a naked mole rat tunnel while I nonchalantly photographed my feet with a polaroid camera and then stuck the images to the bottom of my jeans.


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