My Diary: Tears From A Clock Face

I got up very early myself,‭ ‬the crepuscular cockerel having been eclipsed by a fire breathing dragon slowly entering the swirling Magellanic Clouds.‭ ‬June was standing in the kitchen like a railway signal that had moved only after the train had past‭; ‬I put lipstick round my eyes but never smiled‭ ‬-‭ ‬I then thought how much better this world would be would be if all clocks moved slower.‭ ‬I put my voice in a cage with the aim of teaching it to speak and then flagged down the bus in the farmer’s field:‭ ‬the driver had a bull’s head and I told myself to be careful where I sat as I mused on the existence of god in a world of perennial flower gardens.‭ ‬I prayed to a Daffodil before meeting the old man in a glossy brochure of brand new kitchen units.‭ ‬I came home with a topsail attached to my working class hat.


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