My Diary: All Red Cars Are Werewolves; All Black Ones Are……..

I had to go to town,‭ ‬even though I kept an exact model in the top drawer of my bedside cabinet,‭ ‬and followed the uintatherium herd down the railway slope to the place where I pretend hats replace brick dwellings and feather dusters replace trees.‭ ‬I only stopped a little while:‭ ‬swimming in a tank and continually forgetting where I have been.‭ ‬I came home in a recyclable shopping bag and practised my scribble style yoga on the door step‭ (‬ending up like a bow tie on a Vaudeville performer‭) ‬before climbing the gantry of a Russian Mir rocket.‭ ‬I entered my studio with a ball of string I mistook for the cat.‭ ‬Outside a small hippo picked up litter while a marginally larger one threw it down again‭ ‬-‭ ‬I thought of going out dressed like Bela Lugosi‭ ‬but felt it wasn’t dark enough.


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