My Diary: Flipping A Coin And Seeing My Own Face Twice

June went to work with a thin vertical line spreading down her body.‭ ‬I was just thinking I could align her up with the church tower when a Super Sabre went over head during a Vietnam bombing run.‭ ‬My dolls house world took a direct hit but luckily the Action Man doll occupant was swimming with dolphins in the South pacific.‭ ‬The man who rung earlier arrived completely divided‭ ‬into two‭; ‬I asked if he talked to himself much as another plane raced overhead.‭ ‬I then told him about a friend who could only talk in drum duets and he banged his tom-toms and left‭; ‬I silently arranged the faces in a flower vase,‭ ‬fed the sea urchin coat stand and then burrowed into the soft sand off my desert island studio.‭ ‬June came home like a spider monkey falling from the hands on a six thirty clock face.


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