My Diary: A Smile Of Despair On An Underwater Face

June went out the door as thin as paper when I came downstairs with the ease of a canal boat navigating an endless series of locks.‭ ‬I spent my breakfast making three dimensional shapes from two dimensional ideas and was in the middle of inventing polyhedron love sonnets when a particularly attractive octagonal prism went down the road walking an eight legged dog‭ ‬-‭ ‬behind both a pillar rose into the sky with nothing at its top.‭ ‬Ice fingers were playing the fish pond piano as I fed the harpies in our cellophane garden.‭ ‬I checked on our stone age ancestors who were congregating round the mound where an inverted telescope had once allowed the sky people to see the earth.‭ ‬I then wrote a poem to a sub mariner’s coffin as it was propelled from a bow torpedo tube of a Churchill class submarine.


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