My Diary: A Boxing Fight In An Empty Ring

I imagined the bedroom curtains as hands holding tightly to each other and then abruptly opened them.‭ ‬June and I both got up as rough wood from a sandpaper bed:‭ ‬she walked to town pulling coffee cups behind her and I took the tea cup trail to my studio.‭ ‬In here ships hit lighthouses and holes fall down self obsessed people.‭ ‬I worked in the guise of a young man thinking of old friends‭ ‬-‭ ‬one stuck permanently at the end of a diving springboard and another who had managed to jump.‭ ‬Painting a supernatural still life I answered the door as a super man in a natural world.‭ ‬The familiar stranger talked too quickly‭ (‬his words were reduced to abacus beads and I able to calculate my answer as studiously as an ancient mariner calculating the amount of water before and after his boat‭)‬.


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