My Diary: Laughing At A Joke About Vampire Fairies

An early start to the day as I pulled a dream from my bed like a wet flannel‭; ‬June was downstairs dancing on an effigy of Nijinsky and the dog was asleep on a picture of a timber wolf.‭ ‬I dried myself off with a motion picture‭ (‬I played the lead but had disappeared‭ ‬by the time the title had faded‭) ‬and then dressed in the wood chippings left by a master treefeller.‭ ‬I travelled to a house in the back woods by motorised log,‭ ‬falling off a couple of times onto piles of dead leaves‭ (‬I pictured faces in the leaves‭ ‬-‭ ‬only one of which was smiling‭)‬.‭ ‬I talked to the timber god about doorways made from green leaves and we both sang hymns as the coffee table disappeared down a hole in the floor and a lady with a motorway tunnel in her abdomen came up‭; ‬I checked for the emergence of traffic before leaving.


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