My Diary: Being Run Over By An Armoured Car

Strange as it seems I woke in a room made of paper,‭ ‬wrote a scribbled note across the bed sheets and then down over the floor,‭ ‬reaching the door with a squiggle.‭ ‬As the walls were curling up at the edges I left the paper doily house and tossed a coin in the turntable garden.‭ ‬Neither heads or tails came up but somewhere in between.‭ ‬As a negative image I put fig leaves in my wallet and waited for another record to be played‭ ‬-‭ ‬above the clouds struggled with their seat belts in a racing car sky.‭ ‬I collected living testaments to the power of photosynthesis for the rabbit,‭ ‬who was sat admiring his brethren as they sat like the crenations of the Crusaders castle as it was about to fall to the forces of Saladin,‭ ‬and then went upstairs as a positive image to write more words on the walls of my long dead room.


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