My Diary: Building A House From The Roof Down

I woke once in the night to see small figures floating across the room from the partly open window to the partly closed door.‭ ‬I looked at the dog,‭ ‬who had been changed into a musical instrument,‭ ‬and then at June who reminded me of a piece of driftwood in the slowly lapping water of a tropical shore‭; ‬the musical instrument played a Charlie Parker solo and then jumped down from the bed with the grace of a navvy tipping out a wheelbarrow of bricks.‭ ‬I got up to the sound of voices as if the frescoes in the Church at Assisi could talk while all artists remained silent.‭ ‬I called my clothes Giotto and my naked body a comet as I dressed in the vault of the World’s first space bank‭; ‬the fat cat and I later took off as the countryside of my childhood was reduced to a blurred image on a computer screen.


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