My Diary: On When I Swallowed A Torch And Lit Up Inside

June went to work‭ ‬in a chariot pulled by tabby cats.‭ ‬I stood in front of the mirror as Balder but saw Loki.‭ ‬I then pulled a small world from above my head and placed it in an auroch hoof print in the immortal garden‭ ‬-‭ ‬once a flower is planted it never fades.‭ ‬I told the postman I was awaiting news and then read my letters as a stream of water instead of carefully folded paper.‭ ‬I couldn’t help thinking that the couple next door had a carefully folded life as they sang Germanic hymns on the Scharnhorst when it sank off the Falklands during the First World War.‭ ‬Later,‭ ‬I took the cast of a production of Twelfth Night for mammal like reptiles and put them in the greenhouse as it hurriedly put on a tutu for a cold garden ballet‭ ‬-‭ ‬I had promised to watch the matinee.


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