My Diary (February 16th – I Was Out And Forgot To Blog)

June and I got up at the same time:normally she goes downstairs first with a pair of motorcycle handlebars emerging from her forehead and her feet covered in imitation eagle feathers. I usually talk to the trolls in the wardrobe before I go downstairs,the remaining parts of the motorcycle in one hand and a pair of mechanical bird talons in the other. We left the Raft Of The Medusa just as the smoke from a ship came over the horizon (it is reported that the ship came over several days later). A bugler by the gate pulled a typewriter from his bugle horn (two disembodied hands still feverishly typing) with the same look of disgust as a parent sea bird finding a plastic fish in the mouth of its chick. I dropped some coins in the musical nest and we walked to town.


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