My Diary: On Seeing A Blue Lion On An Orange Lawn

I woke in a tree,not realising that I had been living in a forest all this time,I beat my chest as if I was both captive and captor in the white slave trade and then climbed down an invisible liana to find June astride an African elephant cleaning dirty spots off the ornate ceiling lights-I said that light wasn’t contagious and then went out into the hole in a shoe garden to find a log to incise my name on.After  “I Woz Here!”was written as the afternoon trudged on like a test match settling into a draw,June and I went out to dinner.I wanted Chinese and June wanted European but we finally settled on a country somewhere in between.We came back carrying shopping on giant tortoise backs.She settled down to watch candles being lit on an ice rink and I went off to work inside an old fashioned milk churn.


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