My Diary: A Man Walked By With A Bright Green Crocodile On His Head

A spring like day,good enough to go on a bank note,however I couldn’t go out as a visitor was due.He allegedly changes his appearance every visit and today he was a bright green frog on a silvered saucer which floated several feet above the ground.I put on a hand embroidered turtle carapace coat and we talked in subtitles.In front of us a lady well known for keeping a collection of Commonwealth coins in a goldfish bowl was busy pulling a barrage balloon out of a push chair (she keeps the goldfish in her purse and pays the rent with them-I pay mine with snowballs that I pull out of the fire).As I was just about to shut the front door a meteorite landed in the fridge,I ran to rescue the conference of early life forms before the delegates had morphed into sun ripened tomatoes.


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